We cherish our alumni at UCLAN-UOM Enterprise and we make it a must to stay in touch with our former students. Incorporated since 2011 in Mauritius, UOM Enterprise in collaboration with UCLan has now over 80 alumni on the island. We regularly invite them for our Graduation Ceremonies, Networking Sessions, Guest Lectures, Open Days, activities organised during our Induction Week and the annual Fresher’s Ball.

Alumni can follow the University’s activities through our monthly newsletter. They can also connect among themselves and with current students via a Facebook page UCLan-UOME Alumni Mauritius, for them to share their experiences and good memories as former students. We consider Alumni as not only ambassadors but also as mentors, to counsel and guide current students on their career path.

The main objectives are to:

  • Regroup all our alumni under 1 platform
  • Strengthen our alumni database
  • keep our alumni updated on all our major activities


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